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Howto root Android (Nexus 7 2013)

This is howto root Android device ( Nexus7 2013 ) and install MultiROM. And my failed attempt to get "ad hoc" wifi-mode to work.

I give a bunch of useful links, and consider installing "NoScript" on your browser. Because the xda-forum have adds&script andwhatnot, that slows the browser. 

Howto root. There exist other guides: Here is a video just howto root There also exist script that does everything automatically, wanto recall "Ubuntu Touch" somewhere had that. But this steps is (today uptodate) by hand.

My steps:

  1. Backup apps and data

  2. Make an Nandroid backup

  3. Factory Reset (optional but recommended)

  4. Download and install latest Android factory image.

    Oh no don't do that just yet. First make sure MultiROM support that version, see point 6. (atm) MultiROM don't support Android 6.1 Android Marshmallow. Kernel need "kexec-hardboot patch", to support MultiROM

  5. Flash latest TWRP recovery

    Somewhere mentioned: before flashing recovery, format cache, else currupt? fastboot format cache

  6. Flash ElementalX kernel 5.0 for Marshmallow or stock rootable kernel (from @zaclimon, -I used) through TWRP

    Wanto recall ElementalX was broken, so I found a rooted stock (uhm forgot that link). This is because that "kexec-hardboot patch" thingy. And for some reason usb-memory-stick will not always work in recovery (TWRP), I use a sdcard and usb-sdreader. Format in Windows SDreader

    Or howto push files with adb BUT then you just stand on 1 leg, bricked if that also goes wrong?

  7. Flash latest Supersu zip

  8. Reboot

  9. And now install MultiROM

    Just as an ordinary app from GooglePlay. MultiROM handle Ubuntu installation from its Android app. CyanogenMod and other ROMs haveto be downloaded and installed, via external usb-otg flashdrive, maybe its also possible to store zip download on the device. But Multirom have guide  for this.

I installed UbuntuTouch and CyanogenMod. Test insert a usb-hid keyboard/mouse, and Ubuntu converts to the old desktop environment, -the one with brown background. 

My intention was to get "ad hoc" wifi-mode to work. And it works under Ubuntu Touch, and CyanogenMod, but not in default factory stock. Maybe google doesnt like decentralized mesh networks?

But I still had problem though, using my phone as hotspot (Nokia n900). Didnt work. Two bug-report on that:

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